Thursday, September 17, 2015

First day out

 Today was our first day out on the road, after visiting our parents for two weeks.  In the morning early we went for  anice bike ride, with Alice, over to the vineyards between Rice, Sprout Hill and Houck roads toward Himrod.  I took a lot of pictures, including Elliot going the opposite way on his own separate fast ride, down past the Chubb Hollow sawmill.  The sunrise and all the farms were pretty, but not as much mist like the day before when I forgot the camera...  More bike ride pictures here.

   We finished packing, dumped the grey water in the ditch by the barnyard, more because Dad insisted than needing to,  loaded the bikes on pretty quick with the new setup, and rolled out by 10:30am.
   We drove to Chimney Bluffs by 12 or 12:30, and made lunch in the camper with the first of many to come PB&J sandwiches.  Then we went for a couple hour hike to see the bluffs and the cobblestone & gravel beach.  The bluffs are impressive, Annie & I both grew up only an hour and half or two away from here, but we had never seen them until now.  Even more Chimney Bluffs pictures, and sunset from the campground.  The bluffs are formed by a large glacial deposited drumlin, which happens to be being eaten from the end by Lake Erie.

   On the way to Chimney Bluffs we did a U-turn at a tractor dealership, and a very talkative man came pretty much running over to us, with lots of advice on where to go in the area.  That made us decide to go back west a little to Sodus Point to find a certain White Birch campground overlooking Lake Erie, for a possible $15 a night.  Note for future me or you, private campgrounds sounding too good to be true are exactly too good to be true...   Ended up being $48 a night, but nice, and with wifi, so it's ok.  People were too tired and wanting to stop to keep going.  The view over the lake is very nice also, and the sunset was pretty.

   When we got there, I first turned into White Birch.  It which was labeled DEAD END clearly, apparently my brain does not register DEAD END signs, yet...  In and down we went along this narrow path through a seasonal campground, and a couple hundred feet down no place to turn around.  Couldn't turn around at the end, and I cut too close to a split rail fence, dinging to rear right side of the trailer pulling off the corner molding.  Just a screw will fix it, and that corner needs to be removed and resealed anyway, really all the corners need attention.
   Turns out the campground we want is a different name, next door.
   Overall, that was a big adventure day, a good start!  We can do it, yes we can!

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