Sunday, September 13, 2015

Home, Home on the Range

    After visiting my better half's side of the family, the Yeaple clan,  we are off a couple of school districts away to visit the Klein homestead.   Yep, parked in the driveway.  It's fun actually.  'Alright, we're going back to our house now, see you tomorrow...'

    I've been doing various camper projects, here at home (last two days mostly rainy) and at Annie's parents:

Install a water accumulator so the pump cycles less often.

Add a gas spring lift on Elliot's bunk platform, so any of us can lift it and get to some more storage, it was too heavy and awkward to lift.

Raise the hitch a couple inches so the trailer will ride closer to level while towing, with a little more clearance under the hitch.   Check the alignment again a couple times, just the simple straightedge across the sidewalls;  yes!  still straight,  and no feathering or any noticable wear yet, only about 400 miles though.

A couple days ago I resealed the roof.  Scraped off the old caulk and put fresh on.  There were a handful of potential water leaks, but only one spot in the front corner where some moisture was getting in.  I have all the penetrations redone, the front edge and the corners, and still could do the sides and rear edges where the molding clamps the rubber roof.

Another problem solved was the cat, Burrito, aka Pudge, going behind and under the jackknife couch.  Potentially getting stuck in there, or emitting anything into or on the heater and the food stored under there, or we think he's lost outside somewhere.  We made cat shelf #1 to cover the gap behind the couch, and provide a storage area for small items.  'Hey Elliot, please get me the tape measure, it's on Cat Shelf #1.'    Shortly after that is done, we find that he can still fit behind the other side that already has a shelf over it.  He's a 13.5 pound cat, but he still fits through about a 3 inch slot.     So yesterday and this morning, Cat Shelf #2,  it can't hurt to have a little more storage, and no cat wedged in the furnace intake.

And today, the current project, mounting the bikes on the back of the truck.  Here we are with a bike explosion, in the process of deciding how to mount them, using the front skewer mounts that brother Glenn donated.  Alice got a new bike from Grandpop's collection, hers was too small.  Elliot is happily scavenging parts from Alice's old one, switching the seat and rack over.  And that's me there in the middle, after about 30 more years.

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