Thursday, September 10, 2015

New York (Part 1)

So far we have gone through Canada, (we passed through to get to New York) And are currently in New York in the Finger lakes area. For our first night of traveling, (no longer in the driveway) We stayed in my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Kristine's driveway. We arrived at round seven thirty at night and had dinner, played lots of hide and seek with their neighbors in the dark, and finished with a bonfire and lighting a sky lantern. That night squirrels dropped several pine cones on the camper, thankfully there was no damage. I missed the whole thing as I was sleeping on the floor of my cousin Madeline's room. 
We then moved on in the morning to my grandparents, who live on Canandaigua lake. We had a bit of an adventure parking next to their shed, but in the end it was fine. Elliot, my dad and my mom all went around the lake, at least 42 miles, biking. I stayed home with the grandparents, and it ended up being a rather hot ride, so I was glad I stayed home. Any way, I should turn off now.

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  1. Hi Alice and family that sounds really cool, I love the pictures of your bike ride!


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