Monday, September 7, 2015

Canandaigua Lake ride

One of the things we wanted to do when visiting Annie's parents was to ride around Canandaigua Lake again.  So, we got up early and got on with it as the sun was coming up over South Hill.

 North on 21 through South Bristol and back down to the lake on Bopple Hill.  It is pretty steep, Annie always insists on walking down, which is not a bad idea actually.    Greisa Road on the return end up from the south end of the lake is also a good walking hill in either direction.

From Vine Valley on the east side of the lake, we went up over the hill and down to Middlesex.  Then along West Ave, across the bottom of the lake and back up Greisa.

Annie grew up near Vine Valley / Middlesex, and there are lots of memories along the roads.
       Marb's Corners is my favorite;  the corner where the family stopped to service the cat Marbles' little box after the fumes got too bad.

More pictures from the Canandaigua ride

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