Saturday, July 23, 2016

Killbear Provincial Park

We spent our first night in Ontario at a boondocker along the Trans-Canada Highway.  In the morning, we took a bike ride, and then hit the road!  We stopped at the Sudbury Public Library for Internet and lunch, and kept driving.  Eventually, we ended up at Killbear Provincial Park, right on the Georgian Bay.

My parents had stayed here many years ago, and my dad had gone windsurfing, so he was pretty excited.  We got settled in at the campground, and some of us went exploring!  There was a really nice trail along the main road, which was great for hiking and biking.

The campground was pretty near the water, and there was a beach where you could go swimming.  It did get kinda hot some of the days, and the water felt really good.  (It was really cold!)  There are lots of rocks along the shore that you can climb around on, that was fun.  My dad brought the windsurfer down and went out a few times.

The park is on a peninsula, and out on the end there's a little lighthouse that you can walk out to.  It's really pretty around here!

Killbear was really nice, and very pretty, but after a couple of days we were ready to move on, (and get some Internet!) so we packed up and headed south!

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