Friday, July 1, 2016

Yellowstone! (Never Thought We'd Do It)

I honestly did not think that we would be able to finish this trip. For that matter I never thought I'd climb a mountain, (Okay, it was small.) see a grizzly bear or look for stones in the Pacific. Now, we've nearly come full circle, by the end of the week, we'll be in Devil's Tower Natl. Monument!

Alright, now I'll talk about Yellowstone. It's huge, and it's got a lot to see. It's not like Big Bend, or Death Valley, to be truthful, it's not like anywhere I've ever been. Most of the park is pine forest, with clearings from geysers and hot springs. The springs are amazing, but you do not want to go swimming in them. Some of them are nearly boiling, and any bright blue ones are over 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The geysers are also very hot, and some erupt almost constantly, (I'd recommend Biscuit Basin) In some just random places in the park the ground hisses, literally hisses. Anyway, I thought I'd just cover hot springs, as there is so much to see, and it would be impossible to cover everything.
Here we go!
 You can't see the colors in this pool all that much, but I thought that the clouds looked cool, reflected in the water.
 Here's one geyser, it's in Biscuit Basin, and erupts nearly all the time, I don't remember the name of it, but you'll know it when you see it.
 That is the blue green color that the really hot ones have. I don't know where this one is, but you can easily find really amazing ones all over the park.
 I'm pretty sure that this is Black Warrior Lake, but I'm not totally sure...
 This one was also pretty cool, and you could feel the heat coming off of it from a few feet away.
 This is another lake, that I cannot remember the name of! Sorry about that.
 I'm fairly sure this is near Sapphire Lake, or it might be Sapphire Spring.
 This is Emerald Spring, and yes, I am very sure of that. I'm actually not sure how hot this one is, as it's mostly dark green and orange.
 And here's one last little geyser for you!


  1. Yellowstone is amazing for sure. I wonder how you managed to shoot these pics without all the people in it. Besides of The Grand Canyon it is the most visited park in the US. I hear there are thousands pouring into the park every day during summer.

  2. It was busy, I think the busiest feeling national park we've been through yet. I keep hearing that the national parks are generally busier over the last decade or so, and this year is yet another record. It is the high time, school is out, and everyone wants to go. We got out early in the morning, the people seem to start coming out by 9am, and after 3pm it's hot and some of them go back to their dens. I was a little grumpy with all the people. Why aren't the kids in school all year? ;>)


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