Monday, October 19, 2015

RV Euphemisms! and bad signs...

Empty and full in all the right places:    The state of the tanks after filling the fresh water, and dumping the holding tanks.

Pour and dump:     verb,  act of filling and dumping

Pump and dump:    verb,  act of filling and dumping
Hit the station:       verb,  use the dump station

Use the fan Luke:    command,  turn on the overhead fan before using the head,  or when one of the cats has just used the litter box.

Cramper:    noun,  the camper

Tower of Power:   when the tp and other matters forms a sea mountainous shape on the floor of black tank, whereby it occludes normal flow from the bowl.

Speed Hump:   I dunno.  But too good a picture to pass up.

Rite of passage, Elliot's first solo dump:

more to be added I'm sure.....   If there's any off color humor, we'll try to keep it
 contained here.

A company we passed.  We didn't stop to find out what they do, but I couldn't stop the camera from taking a picture.

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