Friday, October 9, 2015

Prince Edward Island

Still behind with updating the blog, but here's a catchup:   Since Campobello Island, we stayed two nights in Moncton, New Brunswick, and then four days on Prince Edward Island (PEI).

There is an 8 mile bridge or a big ferry boat to get to PEI.   Both are free to go to the island, and toll to leave PEI.  The best way to do it is to take the ferry to PEI (free), and take the less expensive bridge off the island.  For the direction we were going we did the opposite, free bridge on western end, and pay ferry on the eastern end.  At least we timed it right;  we were second to last onto the boat, and the first off.

Today we're on a boat, taking the ferry off PE!   See all the big confident smiles?!?!   If I can catch a picture with more smiles on a boat, I'll put that up, but this may be as close as we get...

See, it's ok,  it's a real big boat....

There was a cool conversion bus on the ferry, a 97 Thomas, from Colorado with a family of four.  The guy said they've been traveling for 5 months, and it took him a couple solid months to build it.  Looks like a wood stove, cozy and warm,  and a big solar panel up top.  See the sign in the front window?  They're going to the BEACH.  I'd like to find out more about this bus and family.

We spent the last 4 nights on PEI at boondocker hosts, and did a lot of exploring and by bike and walking the beaches.
First we were on the central north shore, near Prince Edward Island National Park with big wide sand beaches and dunes.  Just a few miles down the beach in one direction or the other can be very different.  Some rocky red cliffs, or red sand beaches, or wide sand beaches with dunes, or barrier spits of sand with salt marshes or bays.

 A little further to the west is the Green Gables park and the LM Montgomery museum, where we explored the Green Gables home and barns,  and walked Lovers Lane hand in hand, and tried to scare each other in the Haunted Wood.  Those cold icy fingers on our necks...!

The last 2 nights we stayed in Rocky Point, opposite Charlottetown across the harbor.  We had local mussels and fresh PEI potatoes for dinner (picked over from a just harvested field), and a couple of great bike rides.  Visiting with PEI Bob was fun, we hope to see him again out at the BLM area in Arizona in a few months.

Update:  We did find PEI Bob again,  at the Holtville BLM Hot Springs!!

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