Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cape Breton Island - east side, Wreck Cove to St Peters

Thursday we had camped off an overlook near Wreck Cove on the east side of Cape Breton Island.  We got up relatively early to see the sunrise again.

After breakfast, we walked down the cobble beach to the south, to the next point about a mile away.  Alice & I climbed across the stream and around the. point to see what was there; sets of taller dirt cliffs and more cobble beach.

The sound of the cobbles rolling back down into the water after each wave is a little spooky, or ghostly.  Imagine the history along the coasts here, and the waves that push all these rocks up the beach in bad weather.  There is also a Wreck Cove on the west side of CBI near Pleasant Bay.  All fun and games today though in nice weather.

After our hike we had the potatoes from the campfire which was now about out, finished packing up and go on the road south toward Sydney

We drove south and were going to take the ferry across St Anns Harbour to Englishtown; we had not realized it was a ferry, and the small ferry ramp looked like too sharp and angle for the trailer.  So we went back up and around the bottom of St Anns.  The area looks a lot like the Finger Lakes in New York, all salt water though.  From an overlook on the east side of the water, we could see back down to the narrow cobble shoal where the road to the ferry crossed the water.

We drove on to Sydney, where we found some wifi and looked for places to stay next, and did a big grocery shop.  It didn't look like any campgrounds were open nearby,  and we passed on exploring Sydney at the last minute, waiting on all the traffic just to pull out of the shopping plaza, do we really want to go downtown so late in the afternoon with the trailer?  

Along route 4 south, we checked out a couple possible roadside parks, but kept going on and on.  A private CG at Ben Oein was closed, but we were able to do a pour and dump stop there.  The road was relatively fast and smooth, so we made pretty good time, before we knew it, we were at St Peters, and the Battery Provincial park is still open for 4 more days, so we're in.  

St Peters is big enough to explore, and the campground & area is neat.  There's a short canal from the Atlantic into Bras D'Or Lake, the large inland salt water lake,  a short rail trail, hardware, grocery, liquor store, library.   There were no electric sites available when we checked in (only 3 electric sites), but we were able to get a site near the shower building and a longer extension cord reaches there.  It was great to have a little bit of heat.  There's wifi down at the front office, and Elliot got us our latest Survivor episode.

We went out to a very nice dinner for our 50th anniversary!   50 days in the camper without any serious injuries or permanent emotional scars (maybe)...


  1. I see you guys are still having a lot of fun. Don't get cold out there. We've had a few cold mornings here. Ice on the van this morning!

  2. Oh, it is getting cold. Not too bad yet though! Stay warm. We had a great time at Campobello!


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