Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nova Scotia!

So, after Campobello Island, we went north!  After going through Moncton and Prince Edward Island, we made it to Cape Breton, where we are now.  We came over on the ferry from PEI, then spent a few nights at Chetticamp, and dry camped our way down the east side of the island, to Battery Park in St Peter's, where we're staying for a few nights.  Blogger isn't able to publish all the pictures I wanna share in the post, so here's a link!


  1. I love these pictures so much! I am sure with the Fall weather, those pb&honey sandwiches got gobbled up quickly! Thank you for sharing your journey! Is there a way to subscribe to this blog so I can notified about new postings? ❤️Sarah

    1. Thanks for asking, I wanted to figure that out. There is now a follow by email widget on the right side, that should do it!

  2. Those are just the tip of the PB&J iceberg. We have gone through almost all the PB Annie brought, and usually a loaf of bread per day. We make ten sandwiches at a time.

  3. I have been reading your blog through feedly, so it's perfect!! Just added it to my feedly yesterday--so excited to go back and read what I missed!!xo


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