Thursday, June 16, 2016

Salt Lake City Hikes

We stayed with some boondockers located kinda in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, and they recommended some nearby hiking trails! So, the next morning, we drove over to Adams Canyon, right at the edge of the mountains. The trail was a little steep, and kinda rocky in some spots, but it was a lot of fun! Most of the trail went along a very pretty little stream, and the view back out over the valley was great! It was pretty popular too – even on a weekday, there were at least a dozen cars in the parking lot, and we saw plenty of people on the trail.

The girls stopped about halfway up, but my dad and I kept going. We passed a bunch of smaller waterfalls, and eventually got to the end of the trail, at a big waterfall!

While the girls were waiting for us to come back, they talked to a lady who recommended another trail – Waterfall Canyon! So the next morning, we drove over and did that one too. There were a bunch of other trails too, both mountain biking and hiking, we stayed on the hiking trails. This trail was kinda rocky too, but still not too hard.

The waterfall at the end of this trail was pretty awesome, much taller than the one at the end of Adams Canyon. Standing around below it was like being in an air-conditioned room – it felt nice at first, but we actually started to get cold, even though it was pretty warm out.

Anyway, the area around Salt Lake City has some awesome hikes! I'd love to come back sometime and do more of them, they're really fun!

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