Monday, June 27, 2016

Grand Tetons!

We got up and hit the road pretty early from a boondocker in Idaho, and stopped in Idaho Falls for groceries and a haircut. (my mom, not me!) We had some lunch and kept driving, heading towards Grand Teton National Park.  My friend had shipped some school stuff General Delivery to Moose, Wyoming for me to pick up, so we were planning to stop there.  But, the post office closed at 3:30!  We drove fast, and made it with just minutes to spare!
All set up at the campground
We ended up at the Colter Bay campground, right on Jackson Lake.  Nice views of the mountains across the lake, and there was fast Internet at the general store!
The Tetons from across the lake

The next morning we did a little hike around some islands on the lake.  Later, we did a little longer hike through the woods, around some smaller lakes/ponds.

The next day, we drove up Signal Mountain, and hiked around a little.  My mom and I did a little hike in the afternoon, too.

Nice view!
Here there be bears!
The Tetons are really pretty at sunset!

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